Melikoff Core Conditioning

Dynamic Pilates & Calisthenics

Melikoff Core Conditioning is a combination of every training method I have studied. From time spent with choreographers as a young musician, years of martial arts training, the philosophies of five personal training schools and the knowledge gained from Yoga, Stott & Fitness Pilates.

I have trained a diverse range of clients from Olympic gold medalists, professional footballers, stunt women to channel swimmers.

My experience gives me a meticulous skill for study; observing millions of repetitions of human movement, I am checking for three-dimensional symmetry of movements, regardless of whether the client is standing, kneeling supine, prone, walking or running.

I am particularly focused on improving spinal mobility in flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion, and the muscles that facilitate all those movements.


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Kieran Melikoff - Personal trainer - Pilates Instrctor

Keiran Mellikof, dynamic core body trainer, explains what you get when you mix pilates with bootcamp style training

My exercises are a combination of low impact or no impact, focusing on bodyweight, flexibility, posture, ease of movement, core endurance, stability and generating deep abdominal compression.

Keiran Melikoff

All muscles are held in a reciprocal balance with an antagonistic opposite. So, any muscle that contracts has one or more muscle that lengthen to allow the movement. This balance is all over your body, like ropes pulleys and rigging on the masts of a ship.

My training system has been designed to balance these musculoskeletal relationships to stretch and strengthen the entire body. This training approach produces incredible results for all ages, shapes, sizes and sexes.