Melikoff Traditional Pilates

If you prefer a slower and steadier pace my Traditional Pilates class is ideal. My adaptation has stayed relatively close to the original Pilates’ movements and is still a great way to get results in a friendly, safe environment.

The Keiran Melikoff Traditional Pilates class is an evolution and culmination of all I have learnt from decades teaching Traditional Pilates. Almost everything is a more efficient, more challenging version of the original 34 Pilates’ poses.

While this class is gentle and suitable for beginners and for rehabilitation, it is still tailored to challenge and strengthen your core. Each fitness/rehabilitation journey is unique, therefore my programme allows you to adapt the class to best suit the level you can achieve, with guidance and motivation from me, you will see the positive results of your consistent efforts within 6 weeks. (Providing classes are attended regularly, three times per week.)

The fitness levels of my Traditional Pilates’ students are impressive, classes are always friendly, encouraging and rewarding. It is an environment which will invigorate, stimulate and nourish. The perfect springboard to advance to my Dynamic Pilates classes.

Keiran Melikoff